Camellia Shari Ramdhan Pasha

“We don’t meet everyday, not even every months. But I’ve known you for all my life. Family.”

Now, I will write about my lovely cousin. Her name is Camellia, or people usualy call her Milly. before I write this, I want to say sorry if my grammar isn’t good and I still write in Indonesia when I can’t discribe in English, haha. The reason why I use English in this post because Milly come from Australia, which is she can’t speak or read Indonesian as well as me, who born and grow up in Indonesia. And the second reason is : this moment is the best moment for me to practice write an essay someday.

I rarely meet Milly, this was the fourth times she came to Indonesia. So, this was the fourth times I met her, since I was Born. But, when she came to Indonesia I always try to make time for her. when we wet, we usualy talk about our life, including love life hahaha. She’s a humble person, she always try to speak Indonesia when she was here.

Last February, she came to Indonesia without telling me, she said she want to suprise me. So, I can’t make a plan before she came. While she was here, we went to many places, like Dusun Bambu, PVJ Mall, Taman Bunga Begonia, and Grand Universal Hotel, Trans Studio Mall, or just hangout in my house and telling stories. Sadly, she’s only stay in Indonesia for 3 weeks, huhuhu. So, we didn’t have many time to spending time together.

Ok, thats it. I hope you’ll be fine in Australia, keep strong for your Mom and Teh Yara. I wish I can go there as soon as possible, wish me luck ok! hahaha. See you when I see you, Mil. Miss youu xoxo.


“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” – Desmond TutuΒ 
PS : Thank you for the yummy chocolate, I really-really enjoy it. πŸ˜€